Getting Social

Some will suggest that social media is the future of philately, I believe that it is now already the most important avenue for the hobby to thrive.  With a growing online presence, philately is becoming more accessible for people to enjoy than ever before, perhaps you can be a part of this exciting movement.

Listed below are several social media accounts to follow, blogs to read and new channels to explore. I encourage you to join the online movement, learn from the community and even become an influencer in the hobby yourself. Happy Exploring!

Twitter for the Tweeters

Follow these influencers and whoever they follow!
Graham Beck
Gary Loew
Philately Lovely
Markand Dave
Richard Scott Morel


Russ Romano ‘Looking at Stamps’
Stamp Show Here Today
All About Stamps

We need more podcasts, maybe you could start one?

Binge watching YouTube is healthy

Exploring Stamps
Ted Talks Stamps
Stamps with Sara